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  • 6 Ways to Keep Your Roommate from Wrecking Your CreditBlog, Personal Finance


    Although roommates can be a great way to split expenses, having the wrong one can impact your financial well-being for years to come. Below are a few simple tips to protect your finances and identity from flaky or ill-intentioned roommates (sadly, when it comes to getting them to wash their own dishes and not eat your food, you’re kind of on your own): 1)      Keep enough in savings to cover the rent: This falls under […]

  • JP Morgan Hack Attack: Is Your Money Safe?Press, Blog


    Watch the latest video at video.foxbusiness.com Adam Levin appeared on the Willis Report to discuss how the latest breaches are affecting consumer confidence. When Home Depot finally confirmed the national data breach it suffered affecting millions of customer’s credit and debit card information, banks got hit hard. The reason: it appears despite company denials that hackers were able to manipulate debit card pin codes and make unauthorized withdrawals of thousands of dollars from ATMs around […]

  • The Lie That Could Keep You Safe From HackersColumn, Blog


    The hack that created millions of morally challenged voyeurs—and, depending upon which celebrity they downloaded, child sex offenders—also provided us with a teachable moment. It exposed the use of security questions in online authentication as a quaint artifact of an antiquated Internet culture. We talk a lot about personally identifiable information (PII) in the data security business, but rarely do people realize exactly what that can include, and how much of that information is readily […]

  • The Home Depot Breach: 3 Quick Ways to Protect YourselfBlog, Personal Finance


    Home Depot confirmed yesterday that it was the latest retailer to suffer a major credit and debit card breach. Once again consumers will have to scramble to make sure their money is still in their possession and check that their their credit hasn’t been illegally tapped. What should you do? The short answer at this point: assume the worst. Even if you don’t shop at Home Depot, Target, Sally Beauty, Goodwill, Neiman Marcus, Michaels, or […]

  • Did Home Depot Suffer an Unprecedented Data Breach? (WATCH)Press, Blog


    Watch the latest video at video.foxbusiness.com Adam Levin spoke with Gerri Willis from Fox Business the Willis Report about reports of a possible data breach at the Home Depot that could be bigger than the Target breach affecting all of its stores nationwide. Security blogger Brian Krebs broke the story reporting on a massive trove of stolen debit and credit card information that went on sale in the cybercrime black market that followed a similar […]

  • 4 Reasons Not to Use Your Debit Card at a BarColumn, Blog


    You’ve watched enough Tarantino to know you should only bring a knife to a gunfight if you’re Uma Thurman. Bringing a debit card to a bar is like the proverbial knife at a gunfight: a shoot-ready script for getting killed by the bill. Bar = party, but you don’t want to run up debt and wreck your credit, so you make a conscious effort to use a debit card. For most of us, cash and […]

  • Fake Hotel Reps Target Vacationers with Shady DealsPress, Blog


    Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com Adam Levin sat down with Fox & Friends Host Clayton Morris to break down the latest scams that target travelers during their hotel stay. Some oldies but goodies have re-surfaced like the fake hotel rep scam. It’s like in the old Pink Panther movies where Inspector Jacques Clouseau hands over his hat, coat and umbrella to a person he thinks is the butler and his items magically disappear. These […]

  • What the Target Breach Taught Us About SecurityPress, Blog


    Adam Levin spoke with Ken Rosato of WABC TV about the Target breach. An iconic moment for the business world and consumers, the Target breach shined a spotlight on the importance of security in an increasingly dangerous digital world. Target’s epic fail was happened in part because it ignored the warning signs, and had a glacial response when it came to informing its customers of the data breach. It’s never been more important to be […]

  • The Hidden Dangers in Your Kid’s BackpackColumn, Data Security, Blog


    Whether you’re scanning the surf to protect your little ones from a rogue jellyfish, lazing at home on a stay-cation or carting kids to camp, you’re probably already thinking about your back-to-school to-do lists. While you’re out there searching for the perfect backpack for your child, the more important consideration than style, size and color should be – what can happen if a dishonest person gets a hold of it? The things your child carries […]

  • QUIZ: What’s Your ID IQ?Column, Blog, Personal Finance


    The first step when it comes to identity theft is admitting you have a problem. Knowing your ID IQ is a good place to start. You’ve probably seen those red-and-white buttons that warble when swatted, “That was easy!” However, on the battlefield of identity theft awareness, nothing is easy. People know it’s a threat, but try getting anyone to pay attention to the ever-evolving threats that are out there and perhaps you will understand why […]