Don’t let the blissful distraction of a summer vacation turn into a stressful return to the real world.

I’m Adam Levin and this is the Wall Street Journal Credit Minute.

Thieves are banking on your head being in the clouds while you’re on vacation. Meanwhile, they’re picking your pockets or hijacking your documents and personal information.

Here are a few ways to stay safe while you’re away.

  • Put your wallet in your front pocket or wedge your purse tightly between your arm and side.
  • Never visit your email or financial services accounts on public computers or free WiFi systems. Both could be swarming with identity thieves armed with malware that’ll steal your passwords and hijack your email and financial information.
  • Find a secure network and check your bank and credit card accounts frequently to make sure that every transaction you see is yours and not an indication that you’ve been compromised.
  • Never leave your wallet, cash, credit cards, visa or passport on a desk or a dresser. Because so many people have access to your room, lock everything of value in the closet safe, or better yet, the safe behind the hotel front desk.
  • Don’t post about your vacation in real-time with everyone you know through social networking sites. By telling friends and family where you are, you may also be alerting burglars and identity thieves as to where you’re not. Better to share the memories on your return than the experiences as they unfold.

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