What the Hack? Podcast
What the Hack? Podcast
What the Hack? Podcast
What the Hack? Podcast

Keren Elazari Decrypts the Ransomeware Nightmare

Ransomware isn’t going anywhere, and the criminals behind these crimes are no longer even pretending to play fair.
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What the Hack with Adam Levin

Beau’s Cousin Makes the Right Call

Built into every scam there’s an escape hatch, but it can be hard to see it. This week’s episode may help.
What the Hack with Adam Levin

Andrew Steven Finds a Red Flag in His Dream Backyard

This week we explore the different ways renting can go wrong.
What the Hack with Adam

Can AI Commit the Perfect Crime?

Worried about AI and crime? So are we, so we talked to two experts to figure out just how much danger this new tech poses.
What the Hack with Adam Levin

Roy Gets Hacked by an Evil Clown

Roof lizards, farming museums, evil clowns, QAnon --  this episode has something for everyone.
What the Hack with Adam Levin

Max McCoy Investigates $47 Million That Isn’t in Kansas Anymore

Journalist Max McCoy traveled to the land of Bonnie and Clyde, Ground Zero of the Dust Bowl, to investigate an epic scam.
Axton Betz-Hamilton

Axton Gets the Shock of a Lifetime (Part 2)

When the culprit is a family member, the trauma runs deep.


Blind Mule Scams: What You Need to Know

Scammers groom unwitting targets and then trick them into trafficking illicit drugs and other contraband.
SNAP EBT fraud

Joy and Michelle Talk Skimmers, Scammers and SNAP EBT Fraud

SNAP EBT scams sap twenty percent of the funds earmarked for food assistance. This week’s guests tell us how to tackle the problem.
Christina LaBarbiera

Christina’s Alleged Romance Scammer Plays A Long Con

Sometimes the most convincing online dating scams happen in person.
Scams targeting small businesses

3 Scams Targeting Small Businesses

Small businesses are often easy targets for scammers. Here’s how.
Marjorie Bloom

Marjorie Bloom Reveals a $661,000 Tech Support Scam

A tech support scam linked to a bank scam turns into a crypto scam of epic proportions.
David Maimon

David Maimon Introduces Us to a Fresh New Hell

David Maimon came to visit us again to talk about a new scam that’s troubling in scale and scope.
Donna Hayes

Donna Hayes Sheds Her Shame

A long-term romance scam turns into a story of grit and resilience.

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