What is Password Spraying and How to Protect Against It

The most sophisticated hacking operations often use surprisingly simple methods to gain access to major targets. Bad password hygiene is the most common culprit...

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Tax Season Is Open Season on Taxpayers: Everything You Need to Know

The 2021 tax season may be more scam-ridden than previous years. The Covid-19 pandemic has created an enhanced threat landscape. Specifically, the great migration...

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Adam K Levin


Adam Levin Discusses Dangers of Sharing Vaccine Card on Social Media on WBBM News Radio

Adam Levin was featured on WBBM News Radio where he discussed the dangers of oversharing on social media, especially where vaccine cards are concerned. “In...

Third Certainty #35: IoT in 2021

While security vulnerabilities in IoT devices are commonplace, using them to spread sophisticated malware may be a new trend in 2021. 

Third Certainty #34: Deepfakes

While deepfakes didn’t trigger the doomsday scenario many worried about during the 2020 election, they’re going to become more common and harder to detect...

Third Certainty #33: Employee Identity Protection

Employee ID protection benefits will become more widely available in 2021. In the latest episode of Third Certainty, Adam Levin explains why this is...

Adam Levin Featured on The VantageScore Podcast

Adam dropped in for a chat on a recent episode of The Vantage Score Podcast. While the primary topic of the episode was Covid-19...