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What the Hack? Podcast
What the Hack? Podcast
What the Hack? Podcast

Double Spear Attacks: The One-Two Cyber Scam that Targets Your Money and Your Data

It's important to keep in mind that while one may be privy to phishing signals in their inbox, these phishing invoices are shielded behind legitimate domains and trickier to catch. Here’s how you can protect yourself.
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Chris Hutchins

Chris Hutchins’s Travel Hacking Gets Hacked

Chris Hutchins had a point. Ten million, in fact. And then they got stolen.
Single, Double and Triple Ransomware

Single, Double, and Triple Extortion Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware gangs are increasingly building in additional layers of extortion in their attacks. Introducing double and triple extortion ransomware attacks.
Tarah Wheeler

Freewheeling with Cyber Red Queen Tarah Wheeler

I know this will come as a shock to you, but there’s a “every gender identity you can imagine gap” in cybersecurity.
phishing as a service / phaas

Phishing-as-a-Service: What You Need to Know

Cybercriminals are now offering access to sophisticated phishing toolkits for a fee or a cut of the profits.

Joelle’s Identity Thief Almost Stumps the Chumps

When a credit card Joelle seldom used was compromised, her bank sent her the bill.
Andrew Gold

Andrew Gold Investigates A Dark Corner of the Internet

Investigative journalist and podcaster Andrew Gold went to Germany to report on a controversial law.


Adam Levin Talks Zelle Scams with Reader’s Digest

Adam Levin recently shared tips with Reader's Digest about the cybersecurity risks of using Zelle for peer-to-peer payments. Check out the article here.
Caitlin Brodnick

Caitlin Brodnick Sees Pro Wrestlers on Her Reality TV

Caitlin Brodnick of the ScamWow podcast joins What the Hack to talk about the real scams of reality television.
Dara Starr Tucker

Dara Starr Tucker Sees Right Through a Scam

Real estate scams are everywhere. But what Dara Starr Tucker uncovered wins this week’s Cyber Compromise Darwin Award.
Out of office

Out of the Office? How to Avoid OOO Phishing Attacks

Out of Office notifications are a good way to let people know you’re not available to respond to emails. They’re an even better way for hackers to gain admission to your organization.
Michelle Tea

Michelle Tea’s Tarot Business Draws a Fool

Hackers clone accounts on Instagram, especially for professions that are hard to verify.
Andy Pham

Andy Pham Claws Back a Multi-Million Dollar Heist

A nasty dentist managed to steal a five million dollar project from Andy Pham. Here’s how he got it back.
2022 scams

Top Scams of 2022

Scams are always changing. Here are a few of the most common ones so far in 2022.

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