What the Hack? Podcast
What the Hack? Podcast
What the Hack? Podcast
What the Hack? Podcast

Zero-Click Apple Patch Addresses Vulnerability. Should You Be Worried?

A zero-click spyware exploit made Apple scramble to protect its users but the end is nowhere in sight.

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What the Hack Episode Ten

What the Hack Episode Ten: Episode Ten: Joyce and a Bank...

The dark side of legitimate games, apps and websites.
instagram Celebrity hack

Instagram Phishing Scam Targets Celebrities

A new phishing scam is targeting celebrity Instagram accounts.
What the Hack with Adam Levin

What the Hack Episode Nine: Ed’s Crash Facebook Diet

Small scale hacks can be harder to detect, but they still present a danger.

DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service): What is it?

Everything you need to know about DDoS attacks.
T-Mobile Fail

T-Mobile’s Long History of Cybersecurity Fails

T-Mobile’s recent mea culpa should be taken with a grain of salt.
What the Hack Episode Eight

What the Hack Episode Eight: Paul’s High-Touch Hacker

Think your business is too small to get hacked? Think again.


REvil Ransomware Campaign Compromises Hundreds of Businesses

Hundreds of small to medium-sized companies were hit by a record-breaking ransomware campaign over the Fourth of July weekend.
cyber attack

2021’s Most Significant Cyberattacks (So Far)

Here's a breakdown of the most significant hacks—ransomware and otherwise—this year.

UPDATED: Ransomware-as-a-Service Gets a Service That’s Legit

The lucrative nature of ransomware has spawned supporting companies and organizations -- on both sides of the law.
DOJ Colonial Pipeline

DOJ Recovers $2.3 Million From Colonial Pipeline Hackers

The DOJ has announced the recovery of over half of the ransom paid to the cybercriminals responsible for the Colonial Pipeline hack.

Anti-Ransomware Company Exagrid Pays $2.6 Million Ransom

A ransomware attack targeting anti-ransomware tech company ExaGrid is a teachable moment in the current cybersecurity crisis.
ransomware gang

Three Ways Ransomware Gangs Are Becoming More Sophisticated

As ransomware attacks becomes more lucrative, the gangs that power them are running increasingly sophisticated operations.
Colonial Piepline Hack

Colonial Pipeline Paid Hackers $5 Million Ransom

Colonial Pipeline paid $5 million in cryptocurrency to the ransomware group responsible for the May 7 cyberattack that disrupted fuel delivery to much of the Eastern Seaboard.

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