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Adam Levin Discusses Swiped, Identity Theft on C-SPAN


Adam Levin talked about his book Swiped: How to Protect Yourself in a World Full of Scammers, Phishers, and Identity Thieves, in which he reports on the personal data collected by corporations and the subsequent increase in identity thief. See the interview here.  

  • Beware Hotel Booking ScamsPress, Personal Finance


    Adam Levin spoke with Lynda Baquero at NBC New York about online scams targeting people trying to book hotel rooms. “They [scammers] are creating, effectively, clone sites. The goal is to make you believe that they’re a well-known booking entity… to either steal your money or get enough information to steal your identity,” Levin said. There are a few ways to avoid the scams, including making sure the booking website has a secure (https) connection, […]

  • Adam Levin Discusses Baseball Hacking Scandal with ESPNPress


    Adam Levin was interviewed recently by ESPN Radio New York about the alleged hacking of the Houston Astros by the St. Louis Cardinals where he explained the larger context of the hack and how it related to other recent data breaches. “It’s sad and surprising in one sense, but then again so was Deflate-gate,” Levin said. “[I]t’s very possible that this hack, if proven, is to sports what Target was to retail, Anthem is to healthcare, and the […]

  • IRS, Taxpayers latest targets of identity thievesPress


    Adam Levin was interviewed by the Detroit Free Press about the recent IRS data breach which left 100,000 taxpayers vulnerable to identity theft. In addition to the dangers posed by the breach, Levin warned against  oversharing on social media. “Identity thieves know better than Mark Zuckerberg that you are what you post, and they’re looking — on the dark web and on social media–for the smallest details to target you.” To see the full article, click here.

  • Can Hackers Take Over Airplane Controls?Press


    Adam Levin was recently featured on NewsMax TV’s show Hardline with Ed Berliner where he discussed a hacker’s claim that he was able to take control of an airplane. “We’ve seen hackers remotely control cars in demonstrations… he has actually proven on a number of occasions that one could possibly take control of an aircraft by going into the entertainment system…” Levin said. “As hackers are becoming more sophisticated, nothing is sacrosanct.” He went on […]

  • Why Your ‘Secure’ Password Will Fail YouPress


    Adam Levin spoke with Mainstreet.com about how weak and easy to guess passwords can leave users vulnerable to identity thieves, especially in light of the personally identifiable information that’s readily available on social media networks. “While your birthday might be easy to remember, it makes you an easy target… [w]ith oversharing on social media, hackers can glean this information and brute force their way into your account,” Levin said. See the full article here.

  • Data Breach

    It’s Time for a Data Breach Warning LabelPress


    In a guest column written for InsuranceThoughtLeadership.com, Adam Levin called for a Data Breach Warning Label, or ‘Breach Disclosure Box’ for businesses, where they would list key information including: How many times has this company been breached within the past five years? If there has been a breach, what kind(s) of information was exposed? Does this company encrypt all consumer and employee data? Does this company have a breach notification policy? What did the company […]

  • Adam Levin Warns of Identity Theft Dangers on Social MediaPress


    Adam Levin spoke to CBS New York about how sharing personal information on social media accounts such as Facebook can leave users open to identity theft. “Try not to identify people by age, not by where they live, by their full names,” said Levin, who warned that even friends and family members can be identity thieves.

  • What it’s like to have your identity stolenPress


    Adam Levin was interviewed by the Christian Science Monitor’s Passcode about what victims of identity theft experience for the ID360 conference on the identity economy. “If they have your Social Security Number, your name, address and date of birth, they can do whatever they want, for as long as they want,” said Levin. See the full article here.

  • How Serious is the US CentCom Twitter Hack?Press, Government, Politics, Blog, Technology


    While President Obama was announcing his initiative to boost cyber security, the U.S. Central Command’s Twitter and Youtube accounts were hacked by a pro-ISIS group. How concerned should we be? Has Cyber War replaced the Cold War? Adam Levin discussed this on the Willis Report this week – see the interview below: