Signal Awards

What the Hack with Adam Levin has won five Signal Awards! Thanks to everyone who voted.

  • Category: Individual Episodes – True Crime – Gold
    Episode: Shreya Datta’s Crush Creeps Off with $450,000 (listen)
  • Category: Shows – Technology – Silver
    Episode: Al Franken Holds a Mock Senate Hearing on Privacy with Siri and Alexa (listen)
  • Category: Shows – Technology – Silver
    Episode: Nicole Perlroth Says All the Things that Keep Adam Up at Night (listen)
  • Category: Individual Episodes – Activism, Public Service & Social Impact – Silver
    Episode: Roy Wood, Jr. Exposes the Loch Ness Monster Gun Lobby Conspiracy (listen)
  • Category: Individual Episodes – General – Bronze
    Episode: Jill Schlesinger Hits the Reset Button (listen)