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Catphishing Story #1 They Move Too FastCatphishing


Catphishing Story #1 They Move Too Fast

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, people are looking for love more and more online. Unfortunately, hackers and scammers are waiting to prey on online daters, hoping to steal their heart, along with their cash.

They Move Too Fast.

If after a few email exchanges, this person wants to marry you or is talking about building a family, stop all contact.  No one worth their salt wants to shack up or put a ring on it when they have not even met you.  Don’t fall for the smooth operators.

Remember, Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love. (You can go here to find more scams to watch out for as Feb. 14 approaches.) It’s a day to share your heart and your good fortune with those you love, not your personally identifiable information and your money with a 400-pound hacker sitting on a mattress in his mother’s basement.