adult website hacked

A network of eight connected adult websites was hacked, leaking IP address information, passwords, and 1.2 million email addresses.

The network of sites included,,,,,,, and All werel operated using the same database which was protected by severely outdated technology developed 40 years ago. The sites’ owner, Robert Angelini, has since shuttered all of the sites and posted a message to each encouraging users to update passwords on other sites.

Angelini has also floated the possibility that the hack was performed by a “pretty computer savvy” relative with a grudge against whom he’d filed a restraining order. Despite the 1.2 million unique email addresses exposed in the breach, Angelini maintains that fewer than 107,000 people had posted to the sites since their inception.

Several of the sites had a specific focus on men sharing stories and erotic photos of women they claimed were their spouses, which makes the potential for embarrassment or blackmail potentially greater. The story brings echoes of the 2015 Ashley Madison hack, which revealed the personal information of members on a site committed to engaging in extramarital affairs.

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