Georgia elections

The still undecided race for governor of Georgia exposed a number of election security vulnerabilities and problems in the state’s election processes, revealing one of the most poorly secured and maintained systems in the country.

As part of Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian election interference, Georgia was revealed to be a target. In other news, the state’s entire database of 6.7 million voters was shown by a cybersecurity researcher to be poorly protected. On top of these stories, there is a lading list of security best practices not in place in the state.

The onus for securing the voting system in Georgia belonged to Secretary of State Brian Kemp who was also running for the state’s top job. During his tenure, Kemp failed to respond to concerns about election security and offers of assistance from the federal government. Now that he has resigned as secretary of state and claimed victory, his successor will need to make some bold and expansive changes to how they handle elections.

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