President Biden’s commitment to maintaining his health is admirable but may have given rise to some concerns about the nation’s cybersecurity. Specifically, the President is a Peloton user. While the platform is not a known security risk, the category to which it belongs is a major one. Here are some concerns:. 

  1. Peloton devices have cameras and microphones connected to social media. This is no less a cybersecurity issue than was Trump using his private phone to access Twitter.
  2. How cool would it be to exercise with the Commander in Chief? That being the case, there are some issues that he will understand given his record of allowing the experts to be the experts on issues like this.
  3. The President’s data would not be 100% secure in this online environment. Any access to the President’s routine that isn’t public should not be potentially available to the public.
  4. This is Biden’s cyber welcome to the White House. The standard for cyber security for the President  of the United States is higher than any other individual in the country. Biden is cyber aware, so this most likely will not present a problem.
  5. Zero day exploits are by their nature unknowable. If one exists in the Peloton environment, the President would be exposed. This is an unacceptable risk.