Uninstalled updates to software or firmware are one of the most common ways people are compromised by hackers. 

Following the discovery of multiple security issues, Apple is urging iPhone, iPad, and iPod users to update to the latest version of its operating system, iOS 14.4. The prod from Apple should not be ignored. 

Apple has not provided many details about the impact of its newly discovered vulnerabilities, which is in keeping with its policy of not disclosing, discussing, or confirming “security issues until an investigation has occurred and patches or releases are available.” 

Two possibly major vulnerabilities were discovered in the core systems of more recent iterations of connected Apple devices. One vulnerability allows malware to grant greater access to systems, and the other lets remote hackers upload and run malicious code. It’s not clear if the most recent update is connected to these earlier issues. 

That said, Apple’s announcement included one but of tantalizing information. Specifically, the company said the vulnerabilities “may” have been actively exploited. Asked for further details, Apple has refused to provide them. The discovery and reporting of both the previous vulnerabilities were attributed to “an anonymous researcher.”

Read Apple’s official announcement here.