Who You Should Be Following in Cybersecurity

When I put together a list last month of some of the best cybersecurity experts to follow online, it was clear I’d have to do this on a regular basis. There were simply too many to put in one roundup. 

Here’s the second installation of thought leaders, experts, and colleagues who can help you keep abreast about cybersecurity, hacking, scams, and everything in between.

  • Dr. Ann Cavoukian: Dr. Cavoukian is a pioneer of digital privacy. She coined the term “Privacy by Design” and drafted its foundational principles during her tenure as Ontario’s Information and Privacy Commissioner. She’s a great source of information on the topic and a must-follow.
  • Sergiu Gatlan: Sergiu Gatlan is a cybersecurity reporter. He’s a great resource whenever there is a data breach, leak, or malware campaign, and his prolific output has made him something of a one-man news feed.
  • Brian Krebs: No relation to Chris Krebs who was in the last roundup, Brian Krebs is one of my first stops when I want a smart, informed look at anything in cyber. His Twitter feed and his website are part of my daily digital diet.
  • Sen. Ron Wyden: Oregon Senator Ron Wyden (and fellow classmate at Stanford) is widely and correctly credited for passing key legislation in the 1990s that shaped the Internet as we know it today. He is a fierce champion of cybersecurity, net neutrality and online privacy.
  • Kelly Jackson Higgins: Higgins is a regular and very reliable source for cybersecurity news. Her columns and articles are informative, accessible, and provide in-depth analysis of the most complicated security-related stories.