Who in Cybersecurity to Follow Online

With data breaches, ransomware incidents and cyberattacks dominating news cycles, you need a cyber sherpa to provide context and clarify what’s going on. Here are five great resources online to stay informed and protected.

  • Tarah Wheeler: An impressive resume and an eye-popping list of accomplishments ranging from a Cyber Project Fellowship at the Kennedy School of Government to a US/UK Fulbright Scholarship in Cybersecurity, make Wheeler an essential voice in that rip current where politics and cyber intersect. 
  • Bob Diachenko: If you see a headline about a massive data leak or an unprotected server, there’s a very good chance it was first discovered and reported by Diachenko, who has discovered billions of exposed and vulnerable records online over the years. Follow him, and you may find out about the next major data leak long before it makes headlines.
  • Bob Sullivan: A veteran journalist and author with an excellent knack for connecting the dots between cybercrime, scams and consumer advocacy, Sullivan’s Twitter feed and blog are both great sources of information
  • Chris Vickery: Cyber risk researcher Chris Vickery is one of the leading authorities on finding and investigating data breaches, leaks, and vulnerabilities. 
  • Jack Rhysider: Rhysider is the host of the award-winning cybersecurity podcast Darknet Diaries. He is a great story-teller, a brilliant interviewer, and a walking encyclopedia when it comes to the hacks and scams out there that people fall for every day.  His show is essential listening.