Who to follow in cybersecurity

From the fairly high-touch disruption of our oil supply chain to the constant barrage of phishing, smishing and vishing emails battering us on an hourly basis, the world of cybersecurity can be a messy and often complex affair. 

These experts will help keep you up to speed on the newest and latest threats, technologies and headlines.

  • Charlie Osborne: Osborne is a prolific and thoughtful security journalist for ZDNet and CNET. Her articles bring up-to-the-minute headlines on the latest hacks and cyber threats. Charlie Osborne is a great resource when there’s big cyber news
  • Paul Asadoorian: Asadoorian is the founder and CTO of Security Weekly. Check out his podcast Paul’s Security Weekly to get in-depth coverage of all things cyber.
  • Mike Bruemmer: Bruemmer is Experian’s VP of Data Breach Resolution and Consumer Protection, and a cybersecurity veteran with nearly three decades of experience. He’s a reliable source of information and best practices when it comes to data compromises, and an invaluable resource in helping keep our data safe.
  • Dr. Kathleen Hicks: Dr. Hicks is the United States Deputy Secretary of Defense. A strong advocate for bringing the U.S. military’s cybersecurity practices fully into the 21st century, her “5 Department of Defense Data Decrees” are a solid, common-sense set of security policies that can and should be applicable to government agencies and private sector organizations alike.
  • Theresa Payton: A widely respected figure in cybersecurity and intelligence, Payton was the first ever White House CIO during the George W. Bush administration. Currently the CEO of Fortalice, Payton is a key thought leader, speaker and author whose Twitter feed and blog are invaluable sources for both information and thought leadership.