Who to follow in cybersecurity
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The last few months have seen massive cyberattacks on the nation’s infrastructure, the world’s food supply, as well as the single largest ransomware campaign to date. It’s more important than ever to follow the most informed and up-to-date people in the world of infosec and cybersecurity. 

Here are a few of the experts and thought leaders I follow to make sure I’m up to speed:

  1. Lawrence Abrams: Mr. Abrams is the owner and creator of BleepingComputer.com, one of my primary go-tos for the latest news in cybersecurity.
  2. Nicole Perlroth: Ms. Perlroth is one of the primary reporters on cybersecurity and digital espionage for the New York Times, and author of the excellent “This Is How They Tell Me The World Ends.” Rightly considered one of the top figures in cyber journalism, her Twitter feed and columns are required reading for people in infosec and laypersons alike.
  3. Zak Doffman: Mr. Doffman is a cybersecurity columnist for Forbes and co-creator of the Straight Talking Cyber podcast, both of which provide a wealth of information on all things cyber. Well-informed, to the point, and able to explore complicated issues with nuance and depth
  4. Costin Raiu: A self-proclaimed “antihacker from another planet,” Mr. Raiu is the director of Global Research and Analysis at Kaspersky Labs. Few others on or off social media have his depth or range of experience in tracking, studying, and combating malware strains and APT groups.
  5. Jody Westby: Ms. Westby has a truly impressive range of accomplishments: current CEO of Global Cyber Risk LLC, Forbes cybersecurity columnist, and all-around expert in security and risk assessments.