What the Hack Episode Four

Typos happen, and for threat actors they can be a goldmine. Scammers and hackers often buy domain names that look similar to familiar ones (think micrsoft.com or amazonn.cm) and then create lookalike websites designed to grab credentials and/or spread malware.

Making matters worse is an especially nasty type of malware that grants a hacker full control over a victim’s computer. Remote access trojans (or RATs) let third parties hijack target systems, disable malware protection, and exfiltrate logins and passwords to sensitive financial and personal information. 

On the latest episode of What the Hack with Adam Levin, we talked to Aunt Sally–a family member of the sister founders of our production partner Larj Media. She narrowly avoided the draining of her bank account that was the result of a misspelled URL.

Also in this episode: Why it’s not such a great idea to post photos of your vaccination card on social media. 

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