Dan Stops a Slow-Roll Ransomware Attack

The incessant cyberattacks make it seem like ransomware and the gangs that produce it are pretty much invincible. 

A sampling of the news: Colonial Pipeline got hit with ransomware disrupting a major fuel source for the U.S. eastern seaboard. A similar attack on the world’s largest meat packer threatened global food supply chains. The Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department sat helpless as 250GB of sensitive information was exfiltrated and distributed to the dark web. 

The bad news is easy. Harder to find are the stories where a combination of preparation, training and quick-thinking render a potentially disastrous ransomware attack into a teachable moment and an operational bump in the road.

The latest episode of What the Hack with Adam Levin talks to one of these rare heroes of preparedness. Meet Dan Beeler, CIO of Boyne Resorts. Hear how he managed the damage attempted by the notorious cybercrime gang known as Evil Corp, and laid waste their WaastedLocker ransomware variant.

Also in this episode: Should a ransomware payment be tax-deductible?

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See the transcript here.

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