What the Hack Episode Eight

With so many news stories about mega-breaches and ransomware attacks on huge multinational companies, it’s understandable for a small business owner to feel like it will probably never happen to them. 

That’s why hackers are constantly angling for small fry. 

Eco-entrepreneur Paul Toma knows this from bitter experience. After a few seemingly isolated incidents of cyber-mischief, he was targeted by a sophisticated hack that compromised his email and nearly led to financial ruin.

In the latest episode of What the Hack with Adam Levin, we got to hear Paul tell his story, and regale us with his hard-won tactics for better cybersecurity and password safety. He learned the hard way so you could learn the WTH way. So, download this latest episode and reap the benefits.

Also in this episode: Ransomware gangs continue to suck at public relations.

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See the transcript here.

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