WTH: Larry Clicks Anyway

Senior citizens are at the tiptop of the food chain when it comes to scammers. The reasons are manifold, but they revolve around two central factors: senior citizens tend to be less tech-savvy and their median net worth is higher than other age groups. 

The scams are as varied as they are amoral, ranging from catfishing to phony distress communications from grandchildren to fake tech support. And the damage is major. The FBI estimates that scammers targeting the elderly net at least $3 billion annually. 

In the latest episode of What the Hack with Adam Levin, we talked to Larry, a retiree with an impressive list of accomplishments who would much rather spend his time with his family or on the golf course than foiling a scam. Larry is proof all senior citizens are not easy prey.

Listen to find out how to protect yourselves and your relatives from scams targeting seniors.

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