What the Hack with Adam Levin

Digital natives fall victim to cyber fraud more than any other demographic. It has to do with numbers for sure. There are more digital natives than not zipping around cyberspace, but at issue is that the fact that so many of the under-25 crowd think it’s only their stupid parents who get “got” by cybercrime. 

“We most often think of these young adults as highly tech savvy, but many also tend to be more relaxed in their usage patterns and willingness to share personal data,” said Kimberly Sutherland, VP of fraud and identity at LexisNexis Risk Solutions. 

On this week’s episode of What the Hack with Adam Levin, we spoke to Jennifer, whose teenage son was targeted by scammers who siphoned funds from his very first bank account. The scammers succeeded. Worse, his bank provided little to no assistance in helping him recoup his losses.

Listen to the episode to find out what not to do when your bank account is compromised, and how Jennifer exacted sweet revenge.

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