What the Hack with Adam Levin

Most smartphone users assume the Apple App Store and Google Play would never sell a fraudulent app. And they would be wrong. 

Both companies tout their review processes, the number of malware– or spyware-ridden apps they prevent from wide release, and overall security as key selling points for their respective platforms and devices. But while many, if not most, malicious apps are weeded out before they can be downloaded by an unsuspecting user, enough manage to slip through to present an ongoing danger.

This week’s guest on “What the Hack with Adam Levin” discovered this the hard way: After downloading an iPhone app to help manage his crypto wallet, all his crypto disappeared. To make a bad situation worse, Apple said it wasn’t their problem. 

Listen to the episode to hear how scammers were able to make a phony cryptocurrency app seem legitimate, and why it’s necessary to do your homework before installing anything to your mobile device. 

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