Noah Gets Hacked by a Ghanaian Syndicate?

Our first annual year-end roundup focused on who among our guests in 2021 would be most likely to get hacked in 2022. It was a fun episode that you can find here, but what you need to know is this: Noah wasn’t anywhere near the shortlist. 

You may remember him from last year. He was looking for a boat in a boatless marketplace and deftly avoided a Craigslist scam for the unicorn of all deals at that time: a Boston Whaler located in Western Pennsylvania. 

This time around Noah found himself in the crosshairs of a pro–possibly a Ghanaian identity theft syndicate, and he didn’t do as well. This week’s episode gets under the hood of an identity theft ring that targeted Noah to get a feel for how it operated. Then we talk about the nuts and bolts of living life after such an attack.  

We all hear stories about how an identity thief can take over nearly every facet of your life. Welp. Yeah. Here’s a mind-blowing example. 

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