WTH Amanda

Smartphones are one of the tools we use to juggle our personal and professional lives. That can be a huge problem when it comes to cybersecurity. 

The same device we use to communicate with clients and colleagues is, for most of us, the one we use to check social media, play Wordle, pay bills, keep in touch with friends, family, would-be suitors, and everything in between. What happens when the wrong person gets access to this digital skeleton key?

This week’s guest is a newly-single luxury real estate broker who found herself embroiled in a new take on an old-school whodunnit with the first victim being her Instagram account, which suddenly disappeared. Prime suspects include Jason Bourne, Signor Crypto and Mister Fluffy. 

Also: It’s almost World Backup Day! As we find out, “backed up” has multiple interpretations based on your age and maturity level.

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