Bill Whalen

The internet is the perfect petri dish for scams. Combining rapid communication with relative anonymity, the only limits to ripping people off online are conscience or a failure of imagination.

While the most skeptical and street-smart digital denizens can often spot a scam from a safe distance, the truth is that anyone, no matter how cyber-savvy, gets distracted. 

This week’s guest is no exception: Despite years of safe practices online and teaching others about proper data hygiene, Bill Whalen’s attempt to buy last-minute hockey tickets put him in the crosshairs of a ticket scam syndicate. How do we know this? Because a cybersmart victim of online crime always rises from the ashes an accomplished cyber sleuth! 

Listen to the episode to find out how a Craigslist scam led Bill down a rabbit hole of fraud, and how the “look at me” effect that is now widespread online platforms helps cyber criminals exploit people.

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