Andy Pham

This week’s guest, entrepreneur Andy Pham, taught us something we actually did not know: That we’re in the wrong business. Business identity thieves are raking in tens of millions of dollars a year, and there aren’t that many protections out there. 

But if Andy Pham has anything to do with it, that’s going to change. In this week’s episode, you can hear his crazy story about how a dentist with a side hustle in business identity theft was able to re-assign the ownership of a real estate project in Las Vegas and siphon off 2.7 million dollars in collateralized loans. 

You can also hear what Pham did to get the money back, after he was sued for defamation by said dentist. There’s also an amazing American Dream story in here. In a journey that takes us from communist Vietnam to the wilds of American finance, this is a story you’ll remember. 

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