Dara Starr Tucker

When Dara Starr Tucker decided it was time to find a more affordable place away from the bustle of Nashville, she quickly found the perfect place online. It was a dream rental for a third of her budget, and, yes, she was excited. Then she got there and the creeping sense that all was not kosher descended.

Real estate scams are everywhere. In fact, we’ve covered one before on What the Hack. But what Dara uncovered wins this week’s Cyber Compromise Darwin Award. The perps here took the old rental scam and combined it with a facepalm-worthy mistake on the owner’s part to present Dara (and apparently many others) with a pretty believable set up (which our guest spotted a mile away)  for a cyber smash-and-grab. 

So check it out, and don’t forget that after our guest there’s a Tinfoil Swan waiting for you. This week: How to avoid digital Peeping Toms (or Tammys).

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