Deviant Ollam

Penetration testing may sound a little skeevy, but it is a term of art in the security business. Physical penetration testing….well. Deviant Ollam is a big name in that world with well-documented adventures in getting into places that are supposed to be, well, impenetrable.

If you’re a regular listener, it won’t be surprising to learn that Beau mostly wanted to know what tools folks use to break into places. Travis was more focused on the tricks of the trade, and Adam was pretty much panicked on behalf of the entire world. 

Check out the episode to find out how you’re as secure as you think, both on- and offline. From lockpicking to elevator hacking to using a box of donuts and a cup of coffee to break into a facility, learn about some of the sneakiest ways some of the most locked-down places can be compromised.

This week’s Tin Foil Swan focuses on metadata. Are your photos making your house vulnerable to thieves?

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