Adam Burley

You have heard us talk about two-factor authentication, and if you’re not using it wherever possible you should be. Having said that, hackers know how to get around it these days. In this episode, cybersecurity professional Adam Burley is back to tell us the story of a hacked C-suite client whose situation was more sophisticated than it seemed at first. 

Phishing-as-a-Service (or PHaaS) takes a familiar form of cybercrime and makes it easy. Phishing toolkits now let anyone with access to the dark web do their dirty on even the most careful among us. Think your account security settings will save the day? Let us know how that turns out. If this particular whizbang is pointed at you, it’s gonna hurt. 

The Tin Foil Swan this week: Slow the f*ck down when you’re online. There is only one way to be sure the link you are about to click is legit. Look at it. Sound stupid? Stupid like us, baby. Be safe out there! 

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