Robert Kerbeck

Robert Kerbeck rubbed elbows with some of the top actors of his time including Calista Flockhart, Joanne Woodward, Paul Newman and George Clooney. But like all working actors, he needed a side gig to survive. This week we talked to starving actor turned millionaire corporate threat actor about the sensitive information he was able to snooker out of his targets, chronicled in his fascinating book Ruse: Lying the American Dream from Hollywood to Wall Street

At first blush, corporate spying and the sorts of exploits we cover on What the Hack may seem pretty different, but the kinds of confidence plays that relax folks into oversharing are in play and there’s plenty we can learn from someone on the “bad guy” side of things to stay safe online. And if you’re moving this summer and you’re at all concerned about getting scammed, you definitely want to listen to this week’s TFS. 

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