New Year Cyber
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There’s a longstanding holiday tradition that most of us don’t talk about: cleaning up the aftermath. From post-feast dishes to crumpled wrapping paper and cardboard, there’s usually a lot of tidying to do after guests have left and holiday cheer begins to fade. In that spirit, there are a few online tasks you should consider to prepare for 2024. 

  • Check your financial accounts for unusual charges: The holiday shopping season’s high volume makes it easier for unauthorized charges to go unnoticed. Review your transaction history for any unrecognized withdrawals or payments.
  • Review your credit score and credit report: During the holidays, many shoppers open new credit lines for large purchases or to get access to discounts. Unfortunately, identity thieves can do this using your personal information. A quick scan of your credit report and credit score may help you spot foul play.
  • Change the passwords to any new smart devices: Internet-connected devices, while popular gifts, can be vulnerable to cybercriminals and provide a gateway to your household affairs. Change the factory default passwords on any new IoT devices and install available software updates or patches.
  • Check to see if your accounts have been compromised: In 2022, the average internet user had 240 online accounts, a figure expected to rise in 2023. It’s likely that at least one of your accounts has been compromised. Use, a free tool, to quickly check if your email, password, or phone number has been breached. It only takes a few seconds and can help protect against identity theft and scams in 2024.