What the Hack with Adam Levin

From handshake deals to digital pat-downs, the rental market is filled with great opportunities (that is, for scammers). Our very own producer, Andrew Steven recently got some first-hand experience when he and his partner tried to find a new place. 

We talked to real estate professionals–one rents a cottage, another has a slightly bigger portfolio of places, and then we called the head of residential rentals at Two Trees (one of the bigger real estate companies in New York City) and *then* Beau even grilled Adam, who used to play the spy on shady tenant deals back in the day—all this to get a feel for why real estate is such a scam-rich environment, and then maybe figure out what sort of advice we can give you to avoid getting got. 

The Tinfoil Swan stays on topic. Can you tell we hate real estate scams?

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