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  • Divorce

    8 Steps to Rebuild Your Financial Life After DivorcePersonal Finance, Money


    If you’ve gone through it, you don’t need me to tell you how financially devastating divorce can be. Many people lose half (or more) of everything they’ve saved over their lives. This includes their home, retirement, business and investments. If that isn’t bad enough, divorced people often see their income wither while their expenses explode. No doubt about it, divorce is bad news financially. Having said that, all is not lost. In fact, there are plenty […]

  • Housing wealth

    Can’t Find an Affordable Home to Buy? Here’s WhyPersonal Finance, Money


    If you’ve been searching for a new home, whether to buy your first or “trade up” into a larger or fancier home, chances are you’re having a hard time finding suitable options. That’s because availability of starter (median price $154,156) and trade-up (median price $267,845) homes on the market has decreased over the past four years all across the country, according to a new quarterly report on the supply and affordability of homes. The Trulia Inventory and […]

  • Money

    How to Use Your Extra Day of Income This Leap YearPersonal Finance, Money


    If you’re an hourly worker, February could potentially give you an extra day of earnings this year, thanks to Leap Year. That means, for example, if you make $12 an hour, you’ll have almost an extra $100 before taxes that you can use to shore up your personal finances. It might not be a huge amount, but it could get you on the road to reaching your financial goals. Here are five ways you can use […]

  • Homeowners

    How to Make Sure Your Taxes Are in Shape So You Can Buy a HomeFinancial Literacy, Personal Finance, Money


    How’s your income? That’s the first question a lender is going to ask when you apply for a home loan. And, at some point during the application process, the lender will likely use your tax returns to validate your answer. Here is how your tax returns may play a role in your ability to obtain a mortgage. What Do Lenders Need to See? If you’re a full-time, salaried employee, paystubs and a W-2 will likely […]

  • Financial info

    The 5 Most Important Numbers in Your Financial LifePersonal Finance, Money


    There are a lot of numbers in finances, so it’s understandable that some of us get confused from time to time. That said, there are some numbers that are essential when it comes to understanding our overall financial health. To help you get a better handle on the state of your finances, here are the five numbers you should know. 1. How Much Money You Have Coming In This might seem like a no-brainer, but […]

  • The New Black Friday: Green Monday?Money, Technology


    Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be the best-known days to get holiday shopping deals, but one of the biggest shopping days of the season is happening right now: Green Monday. Digital research company comScore defines Green Monday as the last Monday at least 10 days before Christmas, and last year, it was the third-biggest online shopping day of the season (after Cyber Monday and the day after Cyber Monday). What Is ‘Green Monday’? Perhaps […]

  • money

    4 Tips for Getting Approved for a Personal LoanPersonal Finance, Money


    If you have high-interest credit card debt or outstanding bills, you may be considering taking out a personal loan. A personal loan typically does not require any collateral upfront, meaning the lender doesn’t have any guarantee, and so often charges a higher interest rate than an auto loan or a mortgage. Check out the tips below about how to get a personal loan to maximize the chances you’ll be approved. 1. Decide on a Loan Type […]

  • Why You Must Pay Your Bills On TimeFinancial Literacy, Personal Finance, Money


    The due date on your credit card is a deadline, not a guideline. I’m Adam Levin and this is the Wall Street Journal credit minute. The first rule of credit is to always make timely payments, since this is the biggest factor affecting your credit scores. Here’s what happens when you pay late: If you fail to pay your bill within 30 days, you will be reported as late to one or more credit bureaus. […]

  • Why Maxing Out a Credit Card Hurts Your Credit ScoreFinancial Literacy, Personal Finance, Money


    While there may be certain life crises that require you to charge a large amount — like a medical emergency or an unexpected auto repair — you must always keep an eye on your credit card balance and avoid hitting the limit. I’m Adam Levin and this is the Wall Street Journal credit minute. If you’re forced to put an unexpected expense on your credit card, try to pay down the balance as quickly as […]

  • What is a credit score?Financial Literacy, Personal Finance, Money


    You’ve heard of credit scores. Maybe you’ve even checked yours. But do you really understand what they are and how they work? I’m Adam Levin and this is the Wall Street Journal credit minute. Credit scores are like a crystal ball for lenders. By looking at how people have handled credit in the past they try to predict how they’re likely to handle it in the future. The five main factors they look at are […]