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  • Memo to American Consumers: You Just Got Screwed… AgainGovernment, Mortgages, Blog, Personal Finance, Money


    The too-big-to-fail boys and their GOP handmaidens — the Hon. Richard Shelby, the Hon. Mitch McConnell and the other 43 legislative dwarves in the U.S. Senate — have struck again. Today, they blocked the confirmation of Richard Cordray as Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which is the first federal regulator with the sole purpose of protecting regular people from the likes of financial scoundrels. Plain and simple — just like we experienced a […]

  • How to Fix the Foreclosure Crisis: A Real BailoutGovernment, Mortgages, Blog, Personal Finance


    We need a real bailout, because the last one relied on a bad theory — namely: horse-and-sparrow “trickle-down” economics. Why do we need a real bailout? The first one was a corporate give-away. And it seems now like the only thing that trickled down from the interventions of 2008-9 was further economic distress, which is now manifesting itself quite possibly as double-dip recession. Anyone born before 1975 remembers “trickle-down economics.” It’s a very simple idea […]

  • Freddie and Fannie — Has Everyone Gone Postal?Government, Mortgages, Politics, Blog, Money


    Between Freddie and Fannie’s latest woes and the United States Postal Service teetering on collapse, it’s been a bad week or so for quasi-governmental agencies. Late last week the United States Postal Service (USPS) announced that it was facing a shortfall of approximately $5.5 billion in terms of its obligations in the month of September, and that without Congressional action it might have to cease operations entirely during the winter of 2011. In a week […]

  • Homeowners

    Medication for Middle-Class Mortgage ManiaMortgages, Blog, Money


    Everything old is new again…. Between 1634 and 1637, tulips became all the rage in Holland. The record of exactly what happened is sketchy and perhaps apocryphal in part, but at one point a particular kind of tulip bulb could be traded in the marketplace for about 12 acres of land. This is one reason why the history of this phenomenon is often labeled the “tulip mania.” In America between 2005 and 2008, real estate […]

  • Debt

    Play It Again, SAMGovernment, Mortgages, Blog


    This country is in the midst of a housing crisis — a devastating housing crisis reminiscent of the 1930s — and no one, not the government, not private industry, seems to be able to fix it. Well, there is a strategy out there that has quietly been proposed that could stop the bleeding, and incredibly no one seems to be talking about it. First, let’s set the stage. Right now, there are reportedly 4.8 million […]

  • Staffing the Booming Foreclosure BusinessMortgages, Consumer Protection, Blog


    Meet Dave. He’s a homeowner in Sarasota, Florida who recently contacted Credit.com looking for help. Dave can’t afford his mortgage payments and he’s been damned near killing himself to get a modification with Bank of America for almost two years. He’s submitted his paperwork five times. He’s been assured several times by several individual Bank of America employees that they’d personally see to it that his modification is properly handled. But every time he calls […]

  • Give Us Your Tired, Your Poor… And Their Serious Home-Buying PowerMortgages, Blog, Money


    The Seattle Times reports the story of a man and his family who moved to the Emerald City and bought a house there. A simple American tale, but not quite: the man was an undocumented immigrant, without a credit report or a social security number. Seem like that should be a problem? Well, no. Lately, more and more lenders have begun offering mortgages – knowingly – to undocumented immigrants. Through one of these lenders, the […]