Although it had a negative stigma in the past, many of us are tempted to use online dating around this time. The Pew Research Center reporting that more than 15% of U.S. adults have used online dating sites or dating apps. A majority of Americans now say it is a good way to meet people. That said, some of us find love at all the wrong places.

For every online dating success story, there are at least ten horrible experiences. Many of us will run into catfishers: hackers and scammers who are waiting to prey on online daters, hoping to steal their heart, along with their cash and personal information. The shame of appearing desperate remains, and that’s why catfishers often get away with their crimes.

If you think you’re not susceptible, think again: you are. That’s the rule of the jungle. Those who never trust and always verify are the safest — though admittedly it might put a cramp in your online dating life.

Have you had any horrible online dating stories? Did you ever meet someone online you wish you hadn’t? Share #YourBestCatfishStory below! The winning story will be featured on Huffington Post!

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