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  • Medical Identity Theft: Does The Healthcare Industry Think It’s Too Big For Its Breaches?Column, Blog


    If recent disclosures regarding the massive wave of breaches suffered by retailing icons Target, Neiman-Marcus and Sally Beauty haven’t scared you enough, try to wrap your brain around the new Ponemon Institute Patient Privacy and Data Security study. The study has found a 100% increase in criminal attacks on health care organizations since 2010. But if that weren’t enough, they also found something far more disturbing. “Despite concerns about employee negligence and the use of […]

  • 5 Ways to Keep Your Passport SafeColumn, Data Security, Blog


    If you’ve had to go get a new passport lately, you have learned (like me) it’s no longer the easiest thing to prove that you’re you. If you’re a first-timer, you must show up in person with a birth certificate, at least one government-issued ID (two if it’s out of state), photocopies, forms and fees, and then wait your turn. If you lose your passport while traveling abroad, you’ve got to show up at an […]

  • 5 Ways Sharing On Social Media Can Put You At RiskColumn, Blog


    Everybody knows there are certain things you can’t share on the Internet without the risk of serious consequences — photos of yourself in compromising positions, intimate details of your travel plans, or what you really think of your boss, for instance. But there are other morsels of information we share with regularity and without considering the consequences to our own detriment, as one of ZDNET writer Zach Whittaker’s colleagues found out recently after granting Whittaker […]

  • 4 Things Your Doctor Doesn’t Need to KnowColumn, Data Security, health care, Blog


    Watch an episode of SVU, Law & Order or CSI on TV, and you’re bound to hear about doctor-patient confidentiality in hushed, almost reverent terms. Go to a new doctor’s office and, amidst all the other paperwork, you’ll be asked to sign a form enumerating your federally-mandated medical privacy rights. Call a hospital to check in on a friend and you’re likely to hear that those rights prevent them from connecting your call. So then […]

  • The 4-Letter Word That Can Ruin Your CreditColumn, Blog, Personal Finance


    Four-letter words can ruin a lot of things in life – a nice family dinner, a job interview, your relationship with your mother. But there’s one four-letter word that can wreak such havoc on your life that you won’t be able to live in the place you want, drive the car you prefer or even get the cellphone plan you like. That word is debt. Debt is the quintessential American experience these days: most people […]

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    Why Apple’s Surprise Security Flaw Is Such A Malware NightmareColumn, Data Security, Blog, Privacy


    There is an Apple enthusiast I know – and I’m sure you have a similar friend – who used to gleefully brag about all the suspicious links he could click on from his phone or computer with no fear of consequences. But after Apple’s confirmation this weekend that it was in the process of creating and issuing patches to resolve a massive security flaw in its operating systems and many of its connected programs, he’s […]

  • Why There Will Be Another Major Data Breach (And Another, And Another)Column, Data Security, Blog


    The storm of consumer-focused data breaches started off as intermittent downpours — Choicepoint, TJ Maxx, SONY, LinkedIn, Twitter, Adobe Systems — and is now a torrent: Target, Neiman Marcus, Kickstarter, White Lodging, the Sands Casino, and now everyone who’s attended or worked at the University of Maryland since 1998. In each case, hackers weren’t after the company’s intellectual property or trade secrets: they were after your information, because it’s the key to your money. In […]

  • 5 Ways to Avoid Bad Credit After a Break-UpColumn, Blog


    Forget the “till death do us part” mantra — cohabitation has become the new normal in the U.S. Most millennials will move in with a significant other before marriage, and a high percentage of them will end up packing their boxes to leave. A National Center for Health Statistics report found that of those who cohabitate in the U.S., 27% of those couples will break up. While there are laws and courts dedicated to helping […]

  • Small Businesses: Prepare To Be Breached!Column, Data Security, Blog, Identity Theft


    If some in the small business community thought to themselves, “better them than us,” after hearing that hackers had breached mega chains Target, Neiman Marcus and (possibly) Michaels, their bliss was short-lived. Reports surfaced last week that the cyber-intruders accessed Targets’ systems by first hacking one of their (comparatively) small regional contractors, Fazio Mechanical Services. Fazio, though, is in good company: a list of the 91 breaches reported in the first 43 days of 2014 […]

  • 5 Ways To Spot A Catfish Scam This Valentine’s DayColumn, Data Security, Blog, Privacy, Identity Theft


    Regular viewers of MTV’s series “Catfish” (in which online-only, deceptive relationships are pulled into the real world, albeit with cameras running) might think that the show just highlights the extreme cases of a common problem – people who tell lies in search of a personal connection. For instance, studies show that about 81% of people lie in their online dating profiles, and everyone has a story about a deceptive boyfriend or girlfriend who wasn’t everything […]