What the Hack? Podcast
What the Hack? Podcast
What the Hack? Podcast
What the Hack? Podcast

Data Security

The latest on data breaches and cybersecurity and data security by Adam K Levin.

Firewalls are a cornerstone of internet security. Here's what you need to know.
3-2-1 rules
This World Backup Day, be sure you're protecting your data with the 3-2-1 rules.
March Madness Cyber Threat
March Madness is ideal for phishing and hacking campaigns and represents a major vulnerability for businesses.

Log4J: What You Need to Know

The Log4J vulnerability has the potential to be the next SolarWinds-level cybersecurity debacle. Here’s what you need to know.
A ransomware attack targeting anti-ransomware tech company ExaGrid is a teachable moment in the current cybersecurity crisis.
Adam Levin spoke with NPR about the recent data archive of over 500 million Facebook accounts found on a hacking forum. "It's serious when phone numbers are out there. The danger when you have phone numbers in particular is a universal identifier," said Levin. Read the article here.
App Security
Gab was breached February 28, with 70 gigabytes of user data leaked by a group of “hacktivists.”  A popular audio chatroom app for iOS devices called Clubhouse was breached seven days before that. A few weeks earlier, Clubhouse had run afoul of privacy advocates concerned about its data storage--including the possibility that the company was routing content through China.  While...
Android app malware
An Android app with over 10 million installations spread malware to its users in a recent update. Barcode Scanner is an app available in the Google Play store for Android devices. A December 2020 update infected users with a Trojan-style malware that bombards users with unwanted advertising. The app has been a popular download among Android users for several years...
When SolarWinds was compromised it set the stage for the infiltration by Russian-backed hackers of Fortune 500 companies and several branches of the U.S. government. It gave Russia a bird's eye view of sensitive information, and signaled the failure of cybersecurity not as an industry, but as a concept as it is currently imagined. If you're lumping the recent SolarWinds...
Hackers are using internet-connected home devices to livestream “swatting” attacks, according to the FBI. Swatting is a dangerous prank where emergency services are called to respond to a life threatening situation that requires immediate intervention by police and/or S.W.A.T. teams. In a public service announcement issued December 29, the FBI warned that “offenders have been using stolen e-mail passwords to...