SNAP EBT fraud

Joy and Michelle Talk Skimmers, Scammers and SNAP EBT Fraud

SNAP EBT scams sap twenty percent of the funds earmarked for food assistance. This week’s guests tell us how to tackle the problem.
Brett Johnson

Brett Johnson Explains the Abject Terror that Awaits Us All

The Godfather of Internet crime wants you to know that he’s sorry for his crimes, but he doesn’t mind taking a stroll down Memory Lane.
Christina LaBarbiera

Christina’s Alleged Romance Scammer Plays A Long Con

Sometimes the most convincing online dating scams happen in person.
Eva Galperin

EFF’s Eva Galperin Is Not the Pope of Fighting Stalkerware (But She Is)

Is using stalkerware to spy on someone ever okay? Eva Galperin doesn’t think so.
Scams targeting small businesses

3 Scams Targeting Small Businesses

Small businesses are often easy targets for scammers. Here’s how.
Tim Byrne Vintage Industrial

Tim Byrne’s Vintage Industrial is Scammer-Proof

Small business owners are a favorite target for scammers. This famed designer knows how to stay one step ahead of them.

Five Technologies Making the World a Creepier Place in 2024

The Internet can be a creepy place and it keeps getting creepier. Here’s why.
Charity Clark

Vermont Attorney General Charity Clark Hates Scammers More than We Do

She’s suing companies for stealing our faces and putting the lie to scams online and off in Vermont.
Marjorie Bloom

Marjorie Bloom Reveals a $661,000 Tech Support Scam

A tech support scam linked to a bank scam turns into a crypto scam of epic proportions.
David Maimon

David Maimon Introduces Us to a Fresh New Hell

David Maimon came to visit us again to talk about a new scam that’s troubling in scale and scope.