Adam Levin Featured in Series of Articles About Deepfakes with Indy100

Adam Levin was interviewed by Indy100 about the current state of deepfakes, specifically in how like the likenesses of actress are increasingly being used to generate pornographic content without their consent.
Nicole Perlroth

Nicole Perlroth Says All the Things That Keep Adam Up at Night

Former New York Times cybersecurity and cyberwarfare reporter Nicole Perlroth joined us for a wide ranging conversation on zero-day exploits.

It’s Time to Protect SNAP EBT Cards

While SNAP is a federal program, the way it’s administered state-by-state varies. But one thing that is consistent: SNAP EBT cards do not come with EMV chips.

What the Hack Co-Host Travis Taylor Featured on MarketWatch Article About Pig-Butchering Scams

What the Hack with Adam Levin co-host Travis Taylor spoke with MarketWatch about the ever-increasing number of online scams.
Jason Eksuzian

Jason Has a Dire Warning for All New Graduates

Recent graduates are low-hanging fruit for scammers. Filmmaker Jason Eksuzian found this out the hard way.
Bryan Denny

Bryan Denny is Your All-Purpose Dating Chum

If you want to catch a catfish, you’re going to have to chum. And Bryan Denny is the perfect bait.
Rob Shavell

Rob Shavell (Good Sport) is No Match for Adam’s Paranoia

We all have that friend who has a knack for making you lose sleep at night. Adam is that friend.

April’s Mom Was Addicted to Her Scammer

A catphisher conned April’s mom into sending him hundred of thousands of dollars.
Austin Federa

Austin Federa Confirms Our Suspicions About Crypto Scams

This week’s guest joins us for some good old-fashioned confirmation bias.
Michelle Dennedy

Michelle Dennedy Is the Most Interesting Person in the World

In this episode we learn how good underwear hygiene can keep you from getting hacked.