Adam, Beau and Travis Ring in the New Year

Adam, Beau and Travis Ring in the New Year

It’s a New Year, but sadly we keep seeing the same old, same old when it comes to security fails.

Our Annual Look Back at the Year that Was: 2022 Edition

From anchovies to Al Franken to the war on truth, it’s been an interesting year.

Adam Levin’s Cybersecurity Prediction for 2023 Featured on

Adam Levin's prediction for the top cyber threats facing businesses in 2023 was featured in an article on "The number one security threat in...
Stress scammer on Reddit

Kate Meets a Stress Scammer on Reddit

We’ve gotten used to the fact hackers tend to target nice people, but this week’s story is ridiculous.
Roy Wood, Jr.

Roy Wood, Jr. Exposes the Loch Ness Monster Gun Lobby Conspiracy

As a Daily Show correspondent, comedian Roy Wood, Jr. knows a thing or two about fake news and truthiness as well as the truth-and-a-half that is comedy.
Red Team, Blue Team White Team

Red Teams, White Teams, and Blue Teams for Beginners

Red vs. Blue team testing is an important tool for finding the weak points in an organization's cybersecurity stance. Here's what you need to know.
Bob Sullivan

Bob Sullivan’s Dog Needs Tech Support

If you ever worried about getting locked out of your accounts, you’ll want to hear this story.
Quantum hacking

Introduction to Quantum Hacking

Sometimes referred to as the Doomsday of Cyberspace, quantum hacking could decode the encryption that protects us online.
Callback phishing

Callback Phishing Scams: How they Work

Callback phishing scams use phony invoices to extort money from people. Here’s what you need to know.
Jessica Roy

Jessica Roy Was *That* Close to Stopping Her Identity Thief

Jessica Roy did everything right when her wallet was stolen. Unfortunately, so did the identity thief who stole it.