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Identity Theft

Protect yourself from fraud and identity theft with the latest news, articles, and editorials from Adam K Levin.

  • Is a Password Problem Making Credit Card Terminals Hackable?Identity Theft


    You know how sometimes you sign up for something and you get a default password so you can access that new account? Apparently, that sort of system came under fire recently at a major cybersecurity conference in San Francisco. At RSA Conference 2015 USA, which ran April 20-24, researchers said that a major payment terminal vendor has been shipping systems with the same default password for more than 20 years, according to a report from […]

  • 3 Renter GotchasConsumer Protection, Identity Theft


    It’s already hard enough to find an affordable home or apartment to rent (especially if you live in one of these cities). Rental prices are rising fast around the country, even in unexpected places like Kansas City and Portland. But as more people turn to online help to find a decent home, there are more scams and gotchas to worry about, too. First, let’s look at prices. Nationwide, rents are up about 3% in the […]

  • Massive Auburn Data Breach Ensnares Applicants, Students & Those Who Never Even AppliedIdentity Theft


    Thousands of students who never even applied to Auburn University have had their personal information, including Social Security numbers, exposed due to a security flaw discovered March 2. Information about 364,012 current, former and prospective students was accessible online between Sept. 1, 2014, and March 2, 2015. “The exposure resulted from configuration issues with a new device installed to replace a broken server,” a statement on the university website reads. “After securing our server, we […]

  • Credit Card

    Switch to chip & sign credit cards still leaves users exposedcredit, Identity Theft


    The way Americans spend money is on the verge of its biggest change in decades, but the drumbeat of doubters continues to get louder. New chip-enabled credit cards are slowly getting into consumers’ hands in advance of a looming deadline later this year. But a Walmart executive recently told CNN that U.S. chip cards are a “joke,” and a new report examining other countries’ changeovers suggests criminals around the globe merely switched tactics and kept […]

  • Identity Theft Victim Spends 32 Days in JailIdentity Theft


    A Georgia man says he spent 32 days in a Missouri jail for crimes a former roommate committed. It was a case of identity theft, James Molden told a local news reporter, saying the ex-roommate used Molden’s Social Security number and photo ID to open several bank accounts and take out an auto loan in Molden’s name. Molden said he filed a police report in Georgia, but when the thief failed to make payments on […]

  • Marc Weber Tobias and Adam Levin on Identity TheftPersonal Finance, Identity Theft


    Security experts Marc Weber Tobias and Adam Levin discussed the recent trends in identity theft, and the threat it poses to consumers. To read the article on Forbes.com, click here, or click the video above to see the full interview.    

  • (Video) Identity Theft: The Latest Ways to Protect YourselfVideo, Identity Theft


    Adam Levin spoke with MoneyTalksNews.com about the three certainties in life: death, taxes, and data breaches leading to identity theft. In 2013 alone, 290,000 Americans filed identity theft complaints with the FTC. According to Levin, “At some point, every business will be breached, and every consumer will become a victim of some form of identity theft.”

  • The Top States for Identity TheftIdentity Theft


    Consumers filed nearly 2.6 million complaints with the Federal Trade Commission and other consumer groups in 2014, and identity theft was the most common kind, making up 13% of complaints, according to the annual Consumer Sentinel Network report. Identity theft is a national issue — the 332,646 identity theft complaints made 2014 the year with the second-most complaints of that kind in 14 years (there were 369,143 in 2012) — but the crime has hot […]

  • Tax return

    What We Could Have Done With the $5.8 Billion the Government Lost to Tax ID TheftColumn, Government, Blog, Identity Theft


    Imagine you were President, or Speaker of the House, and one day you woke up and discovered that you had an extra $5.8 billion dollars to spend. What would you do with the cash? A new aircraft carrier (or half of one, anyway)? Perhaps a couple of bridges to somewhere or a new highway? A quaint premise, indeed, but not as far-fetched as you might think, considering the amount of money American taxpayers have been […]

  • 3 Ways to Protect Your Kids From ID Theft After Data BreachesIdentity Theft


    When a widespread data breach happens, children are often the most at risk for identity theft. Their clean credit histories make them targets for identity thieves to steal information and open new lines of credit. After the Anthem data breach, millions of children in the U.S. had their personal information exposed, making them vulnerable to identity theft. As children are highly at risk, parents should take precautions after data breaches to prevent identity theft. Here […]