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Identity Theft

Protect yourself from fraud and identity theft with the latest news, articles, and editorials from Adam K Levin.

  • Swiped Square

    Swiped Excerpt: Culture Eats StrategySwiped, Identity Theft


    This is an excerpt from SWIPED by Adam K Levin, now out in paperback. A strong corporate culture is a work in progress, constantly evolving. It stays ahead of the curve because it never stops applying the processes that make it successful—the consequence of clear leadership and a culture where employees feel invested in their work is that they take ownership of the tasks assigned to them. Something like the Sony hack—where the enemy is […]

  • Online political petition

    Are Those Online Political Petitions Safe?Politics, Identity Theft


    Unless you live on a desert island with a volleyball named Wilson, you’ve probably seen more than a few political petitions in the wake of the 2016 election. The issues are as various as the people circulating them, which is why I began to wonder: Are they safe? The answer: Yes and no. It doesn’t matter the cause, or whether or not you agree with it, your level of exposure is the same. If you […]

  • Election scam

    Watch out for These Last-Minute Election ScamsPersonal Finance, Identity Theft


    This year’s election has felt a lot more like hockey fight than an orderly Democratic process, much less the fabled one that makes America great. While there’s no ignoring the missing Chiclets from Uncle Sam’s hitherto perfect smile, talk of election irregularities isn’t exactly new. So, how worried should you be? In addition to the usual election scam warnings— the ones that actually affect people at a consumer level and need to be addressed every […]

  • hackers election

    Boss Asking for Wired Money? It Could Be a ScamIdentity Theft


    It’s much easier to steal $1 million from one person than $1 from a million people, so naturally that’s where identity thieves have taken their “industry.” Small-dollar credit card fraud is old, tricking corporations into wiring millions of dollars overseas is in. At the root of the latest scariest trend in identity fraud is a new twist on an old scam routine: impersonation. But in this con criminals aren’t impersonating a teenager in trouble to […]

  • scam call

    Scam Alert: Those Campaign Calls May Be a TrickPolitics, Identity Theft


    As Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump ramp up their campaigning efforts in the last weeks of this year’s presidential election, robocalls have increased significantly. And not just the legitimate ones. Scammers also have upped their efforts in hopes of gaming the politically fervent and gullible. A recent review of political robocalls tied to the 2016 presidential election found that legitimate calls from the Trump and Clinton campaigns have increased by 64% since the beginning of […]

  • Tax fraud

    Yes, You Still Need To Be on the Lookout for Tax ScamsColumn, Identity Theft


    You may have easily missed a major piece of news that broke last week amid the media-feeding frenzy generated by the release of Donald Trump’s “Access Hollywood” tapes and Hillary Clinton’s Wikileaked Wall Street speeches. Authorities in India busted nine — yes, nine — bogus IRS call centers, arresting 70 people on suspicion of tricking (and often scaring) Americans into sending money to settle “pressing” but nonexistent tax bills. The victory certainly wasn’t as historic […]

  • 3 Things That Make You More Likely to Be a Fraud VictimIdentity Theft


    Using social networks and sharing personal information online can dramatically increase your risk for fraud, a new study has found. It makes sense that consumers who disclose the most about themselves online are at greater risk of becoming fraud victims. But the study claims their increased risk is probably more dramatic than you’d think, and it identifies three online habits that directly lead to higher odds consumers will suffer fraud. ID Analytics, a fraud-fighting firm, […]

  • social security

    7 Things To Do if Your Social Security Number is CompromisedGovernment, Identity Theft


    If you clicked here just to confirm that you have nothing to worry about, sorry – there’s plenty to worry about. This is the part in the movie when the doctor takes off her mask and gloves with a defeated sigh and delivers the dreaded news: something went horribly wrong — and we’re all potentially the patient she’s talking about. You should have already done what I am about to tell you because there’s a […]

  • How to Tell If You’ve Been Hacked (& What to Do About It)Identity Theft, Technology


    Due to the countless ways we connect digitally, the odds of getting hacked are right up there with the likelihood of catching a cold — and like the common cold, you can increase or decrease your risk of exposure to germs that may make you miserable. The goal of a particular hacker may be the creation of a spamming-for-dollars botnet or cracking a target that requires an enormous amount of computing power. It might be […]

  • phishing

    Afraid of Catfishing? A New Tool Is Trying to Make the Internet SaferData Security, Identity Theft


    Anyone who’s read oddly positive online reviews or happened on Twitter users with suspiciously large followings knows that the Internet is full of fakes. Bogus followers or fake reviews aren’t just annoying — they call into question the very notion of crowdsourcing, one of the Internet’s most valuable tools. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University are hard at work developing automated tools to separate fake from real, attempting to restore the credibility of the wisdom of […]