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  • Debt

    Your Credit: A Million Little Pieces?Blog, Personal Finance, Money


    All those unwanted credit card applications arriving in your mailbox, would you ever consider just handing them out to strangers so they, too, can take advantage of your good credit? Of course you wouldn’t. But if you’re ripping up your credit card applications – even into tiny little pieces – and throwing them in the trash, you may as well be handing them out. Earlier this year, one man documented online how he tore up […]

  • Credit Can Be Your Best FriendFinancial Literacy, Consumer Protection, Blog, Personal Finance


    Your credit profile is your financial fingerprint. It is the cornerstone of your reputation in the marketplace. It documents how you deal with others and speaks volumes about who and what you are. It follows you. In certain cases, it precedes you. It will never go away. For decades, credit has been unfairly portrayed as a mysterious, scary, black cloud hovering above us all. A hostile and complicated system managed by three powerful and distant […]