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  • Romney’s Rage Against RegulationPersonal Finance


    The people who brought you the Great Economic Meltdown of 2008 have a new idea for you — although if they get their way, you’ll never hear about it. In fact, one of the most striking things about the new push to undo the consumer-friendly financial reforms that followed the crash is the open contempt its backers show for American democracy. Since this week’s Republican National Convention will present their carefully orchestrated vision of a […]

  • Data Breach

    Hacking the Federal Log Jam: One Agency at a TimePersonal Finance


    No doubt you’ve seen the studies that show how social networking sites hurt productivity, and I am pretty sure you’ve read, heard or watched countless stories about how companies have tried to solve that problem. And you would have to be living in a cave in Bora Bora — specifically a cave without WiFi — to not know that when computers go down because of a denial of service attack or security breach, productivity takes […]

  • I’m a One Percenter Who’s Pre-Occupied with Wall StreetPersonal Finance


    I confess I’m a one percenter. I guess I’m one of the folks that the people down on Wall Street are pointing their fingers at. I don’t blame them, I’m upset too. That said, none of us — neither the one percenters nor the 99 percenters — can either ignore or deny the ripple of unrest disturbing the calm of America’s social waters in the form of the Occupy Wall Street movement, which has spread […]