Credit vs Debit

Popular Chinese bistro chain P.F. Chang’s was the latest target in a data breach at its restaurant locations nationwide–this time, as reported on the website Krebs on Security, the attack resulted in exposure of customer credit card and debit card information.

Adam Levin”>spoke with Alisa Parenti of MarketWatch radio about how this is just another example of the constant threat companies face–breaches being the third certainty in life.  The breach was first reported by Brian Krebs, who stated that thousands of customers credit card data previously used at P.F. Chang’s restaurants went up for sale on an underground black market store.

Also discussed: the Target Board meeting that took place today in Dallas, which resulted in the re-election of all 10 board members. Although that appeared to be “business as usual,” the meeting was something new since it was not a foregone result that every member of the board would be re-elected.

Was it a step in the right direction?

Yes, Target failed to respond with urgency, transparency and empathy to the catastrophic data breach in November that hurt its bottom line and negatively affected customer loyalty.  The buck stopped with the boardroom and the responsibility ultimately rested on the shoulders of those 10 board members.