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TransUnion Launches Instant Alert to Prevent Identity TheftPressBlog


Adam Levin appeared on “The Willis Report” to talk with Gerri Willis about Transunion new instant alert feature designed to help prevent identity theft.  

For an additional $17.99 a month, the feature is available to Transunion members as a complement to credit monitoring. Members will be alerted via email if someone attempts to apply for credit in their name.  If fraudulent activity is taking place, they can report the fraud to the lender and Transunion’s Fraud Victims’ Assistance Program to help them minimize the damage.


"Beautiful Woman with Mobile Phone and Credit Card", via orlando123, ThinkStock.

“Beautiful Woman with Mobile Phone and Credit Card”, via orlando123, ThinkStock.

nion also released an identity theft survey where it found that 80% of Americans are concerned about identity theft, but are not taking the proper steps to prevent becoming a victim.

In the wake of major breaches at Target and many other high-profile companies, offering credit monitoring post-breach is a good start, but it does not solve the problem.  The instant alert feature helps consumers take control of their own security and puts them in the driver’s seat to keep from being hijacked by identity thieves and cybercriminals.