Consumer Advocate Adam Levin discussed the student loan crisis with Maggie Linton of SiriusXm Radio.

With so many people struggling with crippling student loan debt having to resort to living with their parents or working multiple jobs to pay off the debt, and companies like Starbucks offering “free” college to its employees to attend Arizona State University online the fact remains: more needs to be done.  

Following up on his “Adopt-a-Student Loan” post, which suggested various plans for financing the education of their employees as part of a system of employee retention and corporate social responsibility.

You’ve heard of adopt a highway, medians, even crowdfunding a drone…. So why not adopt a student loan and combat the student loan crisis working together as a coalition of consumer advocates, corporations and politicians. Companies would be able to receive tax credits and ensure the increased productivity of their workers who would no longer be saddled with student loan debt.