Adam Levin sat down with Fox & Friends Host Clayton Morris to break down the latest scams that target travelers during their hotel stay.

Some oldies but goodies have re-surfaced like the fake hotel rep scam. It’s like in the old Pink Panther movies where Inspector Jacques Clouseau hands over his hat, coat and umbrella to a person he thinks is the butler and his items magically disappear. These fake hotel reps look the part with a fake hotel badge and clipboard and will meet unsuspecting tourists at the plane, train, bus and lure them in with great deals on hotel accommodations or offer to transport them to the hotel at a discount.

The old rule applies: if it seems to good to be true, it probably is. These scammers either take off with the guests belongings or they meet them at the hotel and do a little bait and switch, explaining that their reservation no longer exists and offer them a room at a much higher rate, in exchange for a hefty tip from the hotel.

Another scam, where the hotel worker may be “in on it” is getting “walked.” Here a hotel guest arrives only to be told that there has been a mix up with their hotel reservation or that the hotel is overbooked. The hotel rep then offers to “walk” the guest to a nearby location that is supposedly comparable (or better) to be placed on the hotel’s dime. The rub is that the “sister” location is of lesser quality and the hotel just saved a lot of money at the tourist’s expense. In either case, travelers should not be afraid to speak up and ask for a manager.

It’s always wise to book your travel with a reputable agency, or book online with a credit card, where you have a record of the reservation number and payment receipt. Being vigilant can thwart a scammer and may even get you an upgrade.