"Hacker Typing on a Laptop", via aetb, ThinkStock.

Adam Levin spoke with Gerri Willis from Fox Business the Willis Report about reports of a possible data breach at the Home Depot that could be bigger than the Target breach affecting all of its stores nationwide.

Security blogger Brian Krebs broke the story reporting on a massive trove of stolen debit and credit card information that went on sale in the cybercrime black market that followed a similar patter to the Target breach and pointed to a problem at the DIY giant.

The possible breach points to the same cast of characters from Russian crime syndicates, using the cybercrime store reactor[dot]cc that installed malware on point of sale systems at Target, Sally Beauty and P.F. Chang’s to hijack the credit and debit card information and transfer it to servers in Russia.

With breach moving from the third certainty in life to a dead certainty, this is yet another teachable moment for businesses to shore up their security and for consumers to be vigilant in checking their accounts on a daily basis for suspicious activity. With this epidemic of breaches, it is clear that companies are only as good as their weakest link.

Target and many companies are adopting chip and pin cards and biometric technology in the coming year, but this is only a temporary bandaid on a much bigger problem where privacy by design needs to be part of every company’s blueprint and a mandatory breach notification law needs to govern how businesses operate in an increasingly malicious digital world.