Adam Levin spoke with PIX 11 Reporter Ann Mercogliano outside of his Times Square office about the latest Home Depot data breach bombshell–that 56 million credit and debit cards were compromised as a result of custom POS or Point of Sale malware.

The Home Depot data breach tops Target’s 40 million in customers affected by a card compromise and it is linked to the same hackers and BlackPOS malware that infiltrated Target’s systems. What is more disturbing is that like Target, it has been reported that Home Depot ignored warning signs about glaring security issues for months.

When it comes to credit and debit card breaches, consumers can take immediate action by calling their banks and canceling their cards and requesting new ones.

Home Depot is offering affected customers credit monitoring through All Clear ID. With this breach epidemic plaguing industry and consumers, the Home Depot data breach is yet another example of what happens when businesses sacrifice consumer protection for “business as usual” practices. In the end, everyone loses.