Adam Levin spoke with Sara Peters at InformationWeek’s Dark Reading after his panel at the 2014 Cyber Security Summit, sponsored by the Wall Street Journal. They talked predominantly about his proposal for a data breach disclosure box.

Like the Schumer Box for the credit card industry and nutritional labeling for the food industry, a data breach disclosure box would list the number of breaches the company or government agency has had, what type of resolution they provided affected consumers after the breach, like credit monitoring or identity theft protection services, and how the collected consumer data is being protected via encryption or other means.

Adam hosted a roundtable at the Cyber Security Summit at the NY Hilton to discuss the concept.

With data breaches having gone beyond third certainty in life to a dead certainty, the data breach disclosure box would force companies and government agencies to be held accountable and to ensure that they make security and privacy by design part of their best practices.