Scam Alert

Ebola is a scary disease. Its spread in sub-Saharan Africa has captured the world’s attention as the death toll approaches 5,000, and President Obama appointed an official “Ebola Czar.” Talking heads and media outlets in the United States have even started talking about a travel ban on countries from the West African outbreak zone.

In the midst of such widespread worry, hackers have seized upon the opportunity to find new ways to break into the computers of unsuspecting people via email spam. While the passive act of receiving these emails is unlikely to cause you any problems, opening any attachments with the following subject lines will most likely cause you a lot more grief than Ebola ever will (subject lines thanks to PC Magazine):

  • Urgent Response (the Nigerian scan)
  • Ebola Safety Tips-By WHO
  • White house has announced airport ebola Screenings.!
  • What you need to know about the deadly Ebola outbreak
  • The facts — about the Deadly Ebola outbreak
  • Are you Really Safe — from the Ebola Outbreak.??
  • Can the Ebola Virus – be Cured.?
  • Urgent Ebola Update
  • BREAKING NEWS – Are you safe from Ebolavirus?
  • Transmission – Signs – Symptoms
  • RE: Ebola Survival Guide
  • So Really, How Do You Get Ebola?
  • Ebola virus outbreak: Curing Breakthrough Revealed?
  • SHOCKING Health Alert: Secret Cure for Ebola?
  • HEALTH NEWS: Secret Cure for Ebola?
  • Is there ANY way to cure Ebola?
  • First GMO foods, now Ebola. What Obama doesn’t want you to know.
  • Ebola, GMO, What they don’t want you to know.
  • SHOCKING Health Alert: Ebola is spreading
  • EBOLA Outbreak – FEMA Storing 250,000 Plastic Coffins
  • You won’t believe what Obamacare & Ebola have in common.
  • Ebola Outbreak Now WORSE Than We’re Being Told
  • Ebola & Obamacare – a match made in heaven.
  • CDC ALERT: 1.4 Million EBOLA Victims by January?
  • The #1 Food Items You’ll Need In An EBOLA Crisis
  • SHOCKING Health Alert: Secret Cure for Ebola/
  • 2nd HealthCare worker tests Positive
  • RE: Ebola Survival Guide
  • What you need to know about the deadly Ebola outbreak

The watchword here is common sense: if there’s a new cure for Ebola, you’ll hear about it from a source other than your email. If there’s a Nigerian prince who’s died from Ebola and his estate is looking for heirs, be skeptical, and whatever your (or your family’s) opinion is of ObamaCare, it’s not going to give you Ebola.